Hewlett Packard Real Estate Technology

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Imagine your clients sitting in front of their computer and touring an entire house—the dining room, the living room, the kitchen—able to appreciate every detail, from floor to ceiling and around all four walls. Think about the benefits of giving your potential buyers the ability to preview all or a select group of your listings online. Envision a world where, instead of spending countless hours opening door after door for time-consuming, private tours, you spend the day selling and closing home sales.

IPIX Virtual Real Estate Tours make this selling environment of your dreams a reality. For only $49.95, agents who own IPIX digital camera kits can create their own four-room IPIX "Virtual Tour." Or with one call to the IPIX Virtual Tour Network, agents desiring the expertise of a professional photographer can have four IPIX property images created and posted for only $99.95.

IPIX Virtual Real Estate Tours give you the hottest, most compelling technology available, 360° by 360° images used by the industry's top performers. You'll be turbo-boosting your business, giving your listings the immersive power of IPIX images and allowing potential buyers to Step Inside the Picture. With IPIX Real Estate Virtual Tours, you'll be changing the way people view and purchase real estate.

Phone: (800) 336-7113
Fax: (423) 482-3355
Email: sales@ipix.com
Website: www.ipix.com

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