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Howard Brinton Seminars, Inc.

Part 3: Get out of your own way and watch your business soar  
As the pace of change in the real estate industry has gathered steam over the last several years, Howard Brinton has watched his Stars adapt. Some have done so by either lowering their involvement in the business or retiring from it altogether. As always, Howard has gleaned some insights into this process.

Part 2: Get out of your own way and watch your business soar
Howard Brinton started his Star of the Month Club in 1988 (renaming it the Star Power Club in 1992) with the idea that top real estate professionals, by telling their stories, can help others also become top producers. In the years since, Howard has brought many new ideas to the industry and helped hundreds of real estate professionals build stronger businesses. Never one to shy away from change, Howard fully embraced emerging technology in the 1990s and uses it to his benefit and to the benefit of his Stars. Along the way, he's seen some things change and some things stay the same.

Part 1: Get out of your own way and watch your business soar
Howard Brinton has long been a trailblazer in the real estate industry. He got his start in the late 1960s "selling dirt" as he calls it, in Utah. He eventually moved into marketing condominium conversions in Colorado and in his best year he sold 470 sides, earned over $800,000 and "didn't even know it" he says. At the time, he was doing things that today are second nature to real estate professionals: He hired a buyer specialist and allocated a heavy budget for personal promotion. Yet his true calling wasn't to come until the bottom fell out of his business.

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John L. Scott Real Estate

Using the Internet to dominate the Northwest
Third generation mega-broker J. Lennox Scott is regarded as one of the most aggressive and techno-savvy leaders in the market today. He was an early adopter who harnessed the power of the Internet to dominate his tri-state market. Now he's got his sites set on using technology to grow his business at a torrid pace. Here he shares his view of the future with Executive Editor Gregory Crawford.

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President and Chief Executive Officer
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

Blunt talk about technology and real estate
Alex Perriello is one of the industry's leading architects of change. He has not so quietly transformed Coldwell Banker into one of the most aggressive, technology-driven companies in the business. Here he talks with publisher Pierce Hollingsworth about technology, people and the future of real estate.

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Vice President, Marketing
Interactive Pictures Corporation [IPIX]

Inside the IPIX/bamboo.com merger - virtual tours for everyone
Ed Lewis talks about how the lightning quick merger of the industry's two biggest virtual tour competitors will speed the technology revolution in real estate - and empower cyber savvy real estate professionals.

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President and CEO
Keller Williams Realty

Faith and family are the true secrets of success
Mo Anderson talks candidly about the inspiration that led her to become a moving force behind Gary Keller's vision.

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Publisher and Editor

Experience is the best teacher
Pierce Hollingsworth shares the secrets behind the exciting launch of the industry's first web-based magazine - for and about real estate professionals.

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